Urban bouldering in Montreal

The climbing wall company OnSite has moved 3 massive granite boulders with over 20 problems to the center of Montreal. Urbain bouldering in Montreal is not at its beginnings, but this new innovative development is bold and promising. Montreal Buildering History Distance from the crags incited many generation of Montreal climbers to boulder on urban installations. Before the first indoor facilities of Quebec, some climbers from Montreal have reported starting on the sport on building. First publication of that discipline was in 2008 with the parution of Antoine Seguin’s documentary Dist-urban Behaviour.

A few years later, we published a serie of buildering videos. Originally designed for a high school project, the videos went viral on the internet. Vidéo B Bro prod

Concrete Climbing @ Rosemont, Montreal from B. Bro Production on Vimeo.

A collaborative map with all urban boulders of the city is accessible here.


Michael Cote

Is there some way we can contribute more routes to the map?


Can we have a more detailed description of the boulders?

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