Our technology

measures your finger strength and provide a finger training plan for your level and objectives.

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is Designed for

  • Strength Testing

  • Injury Recovery

  • Progressive Training

Entralpi Force Plate

a Precise Sensor with High Sample Rate for any Hangboard

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Mobile App

providing Exercises, Tests, Automatic Analysis, Benchmarks and tips

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How does it works?

The force plate connects to your electronic device with bluetooth. It measures the differences of weight while you pull on the fingerboard. The app tracks your progress, provides tests and exercices.

Where can I currently use Entralpi?

The system is available at climbing gyms, through coaches and at physiotherapy center. The product is aimed for home use and remote coaching/ rehabilitation.

Our first backers already have their units for personal use.

When will the units be delivered?

Units are delivered in chronological order.

Ordering it now, you should receive it in about 2 months.

Your support now makes a big impact on our development. We are grateful for it!

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