ENTRALPI Force Plate

Finger strength is key to climbing performance. Yet, it has many components that are hard to track. Most trainings involves high injury risks. Hangboarding is useful, but exercises with full body weight are quite intense. It limit the type of exercise are available. Progress is small and it is hard to keep track of it. Climbing level is often very qualitative. Grades are subject to qualitative analysis of each climber. The Entralpi force plate and app provide a new quantifiable way of training and personalized exercises.


Entralpi is a tool to measure and train your finger strength. It can be used to assess your maximum finger strength in instants. The force plate measures the lifted force applied to any hangboard or grip during workout.


The application provides workouts and tracks all the data on your progression. Based on the measured strength, various exercises will be provided. Your exercises are automatically recorded and analysed on your profile.

The device was used by thousands of climbers around the world for research, training and physiotherapy. It was optimized over the years and launched a widely available product for home use on Kickstarter.

It allows to assess your level, train following a plan personalized to your objectives and needs and evaluate your progress over time. You can hear what they have to say about it and follow this link to order it.