Entralpi Force Plate

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The Entralpi Sensor measures the finger strength on the hangboard. It works by measuring the force lifted from the ground as you are pulling up. Connects it to your phone, calibrate your weight and train with the most adapted finger strength training to your needs.

We provide a series of testing protocols, trainings and rehabilitation exercises.

  • The high precision of the sensor enables low intensity exercise.
  • With high sample rate you can train power exercises
  • Its form can be used with any boards yet remains easy to carry around

This product has been used for research for a long time, it is installed in rock climbing gyms, physiotherapy centers and used at home by our first supporters. A limited production is ongoing and we need your support to make it happen. We will delivered the units in the order they come in.

Join the movement and our technology possible by supporting us and sharing our product to anyone who you think might be interested about it.