Warm-up routine

Climbers often jump straight to the wall as they arrive at the gym. A proper warm-up routine can reduce injury risks, increase blood flow and strength. We suggest a 5 minute routine of cardio, mobility, finger warm-up, specific exercises and climbing pyramids.



Getting your blood flow and pulse to increase prepare your body for the exercise. The steep approach to the crag and run or bike to the gym can do the trick. For a warm up at the gym, we suggest to use this time to play around and make it fun. Animal walks, modified jumping jacks and team games offer a more ludic alternative to the standard practice. Find something that you like an do it for a minute.



Now is a great time to test the range of motion of your body. We will focus on the fingers because of the risks during climbing, but equivalent exercises for shoulders, hips and ankles could also have their place here.


Follow these 5 patterns 3 times while keeping your attention on the range of motion and feelings from each individual finger.



Low intensity finger exercises allows for the blood to flow in the small structures in the hand. Your tendons and tissues will warm up and get prepared for the workout.


We suggest to pull on grips for 10 second intervals. Aim for an effort you can comfortably maintain over time. Repeat the holds 4 times.



After getting warmed up, it is the time to get more advanced exercises and grip types. It will prepare you for any climbing situation you might encounter.


We suggest doing one finger hangs and dynamic contact strength exercises.


Climbing pyramids


Finally, you are ready to get on the wall and start climbing. Even after getting a proper warm-up to your body, it is still a good practice to start with easier climbs. Building-up a pyramid of more and more difficult climbs will assure you are well warmed-up.


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