About us

Why Entralpi?

We know Rock Climbing can change one's life for the best. We want to provide a healthier, safer and more efficient practice of our sport. By providing a systematic way to exercise climbers fingers, our objective is to enable climbers to reach their full potential.

Our Story

Passionned by climbing, Félix struggled to improve. His fingers were not strong enough for harder routes. Training them led to pain and unpredictable results. Studying engineering, he developed an instrumented hangboard for his personal use. Positive feedback from international congress, research thesis and elite athletes convinced him to commit to Entralpi. With help from friends, community and a multidisciplinary team, he aims to make his technology widely available.

Where are we Going?

We made hundreds of prototype versions of our sensors and apps, sold-out our crowdfunding campaign in 8 hours, produced a first small batch, released a new multi-platform app and proven beneficial for climbers of all kinds. We have come a long way and are proud of it, but we still feel far from our objective. We want to bring safe climbing to all climbers. We start a larger production and train coaches. It is your support and pre-orders that makes it possible.

Thank You!!