What is Entralpi ?

Entralpi is the energy you gain from training. It is our goal to increase your potential by providing you with the right exercises. Climbing on the wall, your finger strength dictates what you can and cannot yet hold. Our tools extend what is possible for you to climb.

Our Team

Félix Bourassa-Moreau

I climb since 2004. Understanding movement  aspects of the sport is something that drew me into it. I had little strength and preconized body positioning and technique. Recovering from an aneurism rupture led me start again from scratch and discover the world of training. My fingers were not strong enough to climb what I wanted so I hacked the Wii to design myself one of the first smart hangboard in 2012.

Climbing is in our team's DNA

We design these tools for ourselves first and then because we believe our sport can change our world positively.

Based in Montreal

1250 Guy St, Suite #600, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2L3

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